A Breif History of Mineral Wells
Judge James A. Lynch settled in a valley in Texas 48 miles West of Fort Worth in 1877. He had a water well dug for drinking water but discovered it to be a healing mineral water. Thus he named the valley Mineral Wells. This is a picture of Judge Lynch seated on a Burro holding a jug of mineral water. The other picture is the Lynch cabins showing the first mineral water well which were located in the center of town.
Three years later in 1880 the third mineral water well was dug and it became the Crazy Water Well since a demented lady was cured by drinking the water.
The demented lady drank the mineral water each day in the 1880's from the mineral water well and was cured. The school kids called the mineral water well "The Crazy Woman's Well" and later the word "Woman's" was dropped and the well became known as the "Crazy Water Well" and therefore "Crazy Water". Later a hotel was built and was named "The Crazy Hotel" and was owned by the Crazy Water Company. The hotel burned in 1925 and a new hotel built in it's place and The new "Crazy Hotel" was opened in 1927 and still stands today. The hotel covers a 200 x 200 foot block in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas. The hotel saw many visitors staying there who had come to drink the Crazy Water and their way to health. Mineral Wells was know for many years as the South's Greatest Health Resort. The hotel today is operated as a retirement home. You can no longer buy Crazy Water but mineral water is available at the Famous Water Company.

Mineral Wells Today

Picture provided by Art Waever.

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